Ask Me, Gigi!

Hi ladies!

When I made this blog, I wanted to make it interactive so that it could be more of a conversation. That’s why I made this section, ‘Ask Gigi,’ because I want to hear from you! Here’s how it’ll work. You can follow me on twitter (@studdedcollar) and tweet me any questions you have about fashion, beauty, styling advice, my blog, myself, and really anything else under the sun! If you don’t have a twitter, you can email me your questions to Then, I’ll choose a few to answer and feature on the page that day! If I feature your question, I’ll notify you the day that I answer. Don’t worry if your question isn’t answered; I’ll do my very best to answer a few every day! I look forward to reading your questions!

Stay Fab,

Gigi xx


3 thoughts on “Ask Me, Gigi!

  1. I agree! This blog is WOW! 😀 This blog is like a girl’s big sister! For the ones who don’t have one or have one that isn’t into fashion. This is THE PLACE! From now on when i need fashion advice i’m coming here! 🙂 I really love your blog and i hope you get really successful. Thank you so much for the advice. i will absolutely LOVE ❤ the infinity scarves and those sweaters! I will definitely be looking for them in stores when it gets cooler of course 😉 😛

    Your fan,
    Missy ❤ 😉 🙂

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