What to Wear…

Hey ladies!

Like most you at this point, I’ve resumed school… yay for year 11! For those of you reading in the States, I think that’s sophomore year for you in high school. Yes, I do wear a uniform, almost all schools out here do. But some get rid of them at sixth form (mine don’t, however). Anyway, I’m getting off track.

Since I wear a uniform, it’ll be a bit tricky to post my Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) everyday. I doubt that you want to see a uniform on a daily basis (: So what I’ve decided is that during weekends, any out of uniform days, special events, etc., I’ll post my outfit, and you can see what I’m sporting for that day! I’ll also include where I bought each item from (if I can recall)

The Style Handbook under Fashion (the category you’re in right now) is more for tips regarding how to style or wear certain items. That can range from clothes, shoes, and even accessories. I take requests, so if there’s something you need help with or want to see, tweet me, leave a message on my Facebook page, or comment here.

Lastly is Vogue Diary. This is actually more of a miscellaneous chapter where I post about random fashion (and some not-so-fashion) topics. More of my personal accounts of events and random things. (with several pictures, not to worry!)

I’ll close with a little side note– I know a lot of us wear uniforms (as I’ve previously stated) but don’t let that limit you! If I post about Back to School clothing, and you wear a uniform, then you can still wear that over the weekends, after school, or on free dress days! Or if I post about dresses for winter formal, but your school doesn’t host dances, then use that article for another formal event you may have! Long story short, I write about specific topics, but you can use them in the situations that suit you best (: No matter what…

Stay Fab,

Gigi xx


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