The Big Reveal…

Hello all!

Some of you may know, and some of you will just find out as you read this post, but to those new around here, I have something to tell you and it’s going to change somethings around here…

Gigi Parrington, the person and everything about her, is not real… maybe out there somewhere there is/ was a Gigi Parrington, but she’s not me… I’m actually Kay B. I created Gigi Parrington when I started this blog because I was going to write under a pseudonym, make a character or alter ego if you will. I did it because I thought that would make the blog more exciting and the experience more mysterious; and I wanted to keep it under wraps from my peers. What I did was infuse parts of myself with other qualities and characteristics and created this character. But then it dawned on me that I couldn’t grow my blog if no one knew that I am the voice behind it. I believe it’s possible, but it would have been difficult.

So a few weeks ago, I revealed my true identity to my course mates and have been able to carry on my blog without the pressure of keeping my blog and identity as Gigi a secret! However, I wanted to keep the name Gigi while writing, so I stuck with her.


My parents gave me some great advice and told me that if I really love doing something, and I’m really good at it, then I shouldn’t hide behind some made up character.. I should own it and grow with it as myself!

SO that brings me to this point: from now on, on all of my social media, blog article sign offs, my bio, and more, you will see “Kay B” rather than “Gigi.” I want you all to get to know the real me, so go check out my new bio where you can get to know Kay B a little better (: Gigi and I aren’t that different, but we do have our few differences.

So before I sign off, I want to leave you all with this piece of advice if it’s the only thing you gain from here: Never be afraid to share and own your gifts and talents! It doesn’t have to be fashion or blogging, you could be a great writer, dancer, artist, athlete, or you may even excel in academics or work well with children! Think of it like makeup: us girls all hide behind it sometimes, but our natural beauty is the best there is, FLAUNT IT, OWN IT, BE CONFIDENT! I love what I do, and I want to share it fully with you as my true self. So, until next time, my loves…

Stay Fab,

Kay B xxx


One thought on “The Big Reveal…

  1. BRAVO JUST BRAVO!!!!!!!!! Great advice Kay B! So many girls are scared o be who they are and i think you have definitely inspired a lot of girls out there with this post. I think that YOU the real you, Kay B is awesome! You stay your fab self! 😉

    Your fan,
    Missy 😉 ❤

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