What to Expect

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve gotten to the Style Handbook portion of my blog. Well, when you come here, you can expect this to be a “What to wear” type of deal. I’ll post about what to wear to certain parties, concerts, dances, celebrations, even school! You can also expect to see some comparisons to what NOT to wear. That’s pretty much it!

I know there have also been some questions regarding what each section of the blog is for because some categories seem so similar. To answer those questions, go to the section titles “Site Directory.” There, you’ll find the name of each section on the site, and what you’ll find there.

Keep in Mind that Trendsetter and Style Handbook are very different: one is about trends and fashion news, while the other is about how to wear certain clothes and what to wear to various occasions. Vogue Diary is really a section with random posts, anything in between: from little stories I want to tell and news I have to shopping hauls and more. A lot of content will usually go to that section, but otherwise, all posts are on the home page in chronological order!

Well, this post went from being just about Style Handbook to discussing the whole site, so I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page now. Until next time, ladies…

Stay Fab,

Kay B xx.


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