Country Clubbin’

Greetings ladies! Hope you’re all having a lovely day.


This post is coming to you a bit late, but Saturday before last (about two weeks ago) I went to a party that was Preppy/Country Club themed. The idea was to have a chance to hang out with students from our brother school in preppy attire– think Sperry Topsiders, pastels, or Blair Waldorf meets Vineyard Vines.

Today, I’m going to share what I wore and bought for the event; consider this a visual shopping haul. Let’s get started!


This is all the jewelry I wore to the event. In the pictures below, I’ll share where I bought all my goodies from and more…

Stack ‘Em Up


I bought this set of bracelets from Forever 21 literally on my way out of the store. My mom actually spotted them and encouraged me to buy them. She and I have a common refined taste for pearls, so the accessories sucked me in immediately. I love the color combination of them too.

Love Bug


I absolutely love these earrings with a capital L. They’re studs, but they’re fairly large for studs. Regardless, I love them and they’re so fun. These are also from Forever 21 and I bought them to match my necklace which you will see right about…

Make a Statement


Now. So, you probably guessed it- this is from Forever 21. I had been wanting to buy a statement necklace but never got around to it, and this occasion was perfect. The soft pink with the gold outlined detailing in the necklace and the earrings is a match made in heaven.

The Bling Ring


Plot Twist: This ring is not from Forever 21. My mom actually bought this for me as a birthday gift last year and, believe it or not, it’s from Hallmark. Yes, the card store. But they have more to offer than cards and gourmet sweet treats. Their jewelry is actually really cute, and I recommend that you check them out!

Nailed It


This is the nail polish I bought to wear with my outfit. Yes, I know, another pink item. I promise I’m not Elle Woods, as much as I love pink, but it’s the color combination I chose, which you will see in a minute. Anyway, let me tell you a story. This was more of an impulse buy than anything else. I was in the check out line when I saw it and remembered that I don’t have a pastel pink nail polish. So I bought it, all excited to wear it with my outfit, then I got home and realized I have 30 minutes to shower, straighten my hair, do my makeup and my nails… in other words, I had no time. SO I got ready in 25 (Lord alone knows how I got that done) and ended up having no time to do my nails. AND to top it off when I finally wore the nail polish the next day, it wasn’t pastel… IT WAS BUBBLEGUM PINK. I just… I can’t. I’m sorry we’re done with this story I’m done.



I absolutely, positively love this dress. The colors, white and light sky blue, are gorgeous and compliment each other beautifully. I love ruffles on the chest of the dress. It’s simple, classy, flirty and feminine. The cool thing that I noticed about it is that it kind of points downward toward the skirt. I find this cool because it draws onlookers’ attention from the top of the dress to the skirt, so they get a good look at the whole dress. Speaking of, the lace detailing on the skirt is classic but not dated. I like that the lace has a floral pattern to add more texture to the dress. Ugh, I love everything about it. The funny thing is that I bought this the day of the event. Here’s a little secret: I actually bought everything the day of, but I really like how my outfit came out!

Well, there you have it: my look from the Preppy Country Club Party! Let me know what you think of it in the comments, and while you’re at it, tell me what your theme for a party would be if you could pick any theme. That’s all I have for you all for the time being, so until next time kids, stay classy and…

Stay Fab,

Kay B. xx


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