Wow, so pants, much classy, many gold

Wow much gold
Summer vacation is almost here, and I can’t help but have dreams of tempting travels and fashion features dance through my head. Though I’m often brought back down to reality when I realize that a chemical equation is staring at me dead in the face, I often think about what I see to be one of my favorite parts of the break– not wearing a uniform. The ensemble above is something I would wear if going to hang out with friends downtown or  to a nice lunch. I just love the feminine, classy flair, don’t you? I unintentionally used a lot of gold details in this look, but regardless, the standout piece is the pair of pants. The print is unconventional for pants, but that’s what makes them so alluring. I want them pronto!
Remember that chemical equation I told you about? Well, it misses me, and wants to treasure our last few weeks together, so I bid you all adieu! Hang in there for the next few weeks, and through it all…
Stay Fab,
Kay B xo

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