Travel Style 101: Easy Breezy Makeup in 4 Steps

Greetings friends!

I don’t know about you all, but when I’m traveling I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, let alone use 20-25 minutes doing my makeup and constantly touching up my look throughout the day. But, I do like to look well made up; I just go for an airy, lighter look.

So, today I’m sharing my second post in my Travel Style 101 series: Easy Breezy Makeup in 4 Steps (using ONLY 4 PRODUCTS!!!). I love this look because the makeup is light, quick to apply, and lasts for at least 12 hours with some quick re-appliances here and there.

Travel Style_Easy Breezy Makeup

These four products are absolutely amazing and create an effortless look that feels light and will leave you looking put together and ready for anything.

Step + Product 1

Travel Style_Easy Breezy Makeup2

This BB Cream by Maybelline is better than foundation and concealer: it performs both of those products’ jobs, is lighter, is less cakey, and blends in with your skin flawlessly. It’s great on nearly all skin types and rarely requires a covering layer of translucent powder if blended sufficiently. If you really want to use a powder, I recommend BareMinerals, Covergirl, Laura Mercier, or Nyx powders.

Bonus: it does slightly brighten and illuminate around the eyes, so eye shadow isn’t totally necessary, especially with the mascara below.

Step + Product 2

Travel Style_Easy Breezy Makeup1

“Describe this product with one word.” Simple: WOW. I bought this product on a whim while checking out of ULTA, and it truly exceeded my expectations. It lives up to its name as it adds evident volume and length to my lashes and it does not smudge throughout the day. I don’t curl my lashes because they are naturally curled, but I noticed that it doesn’t weigh my lashes down and lasts beautifully all day. It’s also great to wear alone because it will thicken and extenuate your lashes well enough that you won’t need liner.

Step + Product 3

Travel Style_Easy Breezy Makeup4

Now, the reason I opted for a cream blush instead of a powdered one is because a cream blush can be blended to suit almost any skin tone depending on how pigmented you would like for it to be. Also, cream blushes last longer and don’t appear as scattered on your cheeks because of the easier application. I really love this Tarte blush- the color is gorgeous- but my favorite part is the applicator. It comes in a large tube that makes application easy so you can apply your blush smoothly. A final reason that I love cream blush for travel makeup is because it leaves you glowing and rosy-cheeked no matter how tired you really are!

Step + Product 4

Travel Style_Easy Breezy Makeup3

If you’ve read some of my past posts then you know that I am a huge fan of Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balms. My favorite one is in the shade Cherry Me. It gives a soft red-pink color to your lips, instantly lighting up your smile. It’s great to wear when traveling, especially by plane, because I know that one’s lips tend to get a bit dry (or is that just me?…). This balm not only provides great color, but also is extremely moisturizing. You may be trying to recall that myth about so-called “hydrating lip balms” just having an addictive, drying component but this does not apply to Baby Lips. The results are lasting and necessitate few re-appliances.


There you have it! A quick and simple makeup routine to use when travelling or even for chill days on which you don’t want to indulge in any elaborate makeup routines. Let me know what your favorite makeup product is and why below in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for new makeup products to try. Keep an eye out for new posts from me! You can always subscribe in the banner on the right side of this page. (:

Stay Fab,

Kay B xx


One thought on “Travel Style 101: Easy Breezy Makeup in 4 Steps

  1. I love love love it! thanks for showing such easy make up steps that keep the natural look going!
    Your fan,
    Missy ❤ 😉

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