Trend Report: Score a Skort

Ok call me crazy, but I am declaring that skorts are back in. Yes, a throwback to your kindergarten years, but it’s back, trending, and ready to attack the fashion world.

Spotted: Olivia Poleroma walking the streets in a black oragami inspired skort.

Spotted: Olivia Poleroma walking the streets in a black oragami inspired skort.

Karolina Kurkova looking casually cool in the electric blue geometric skort.

Karolina Kurkova looking casually cool in the electric blue geometric skort.

You’re probably sitting in front of your computer thinking , “This girl calls herself a fashion expert? She’s crazy to even speak of ‘skorts’!” But trust me on this; the skort has been redefined and is taking a fresh, futuristic approach that will take your closet for a spin: an asymmetric, oragami-inspired design.

Trend Report_Score the Skort

The skorts that I’ve seen appearing the most and believe are a new trend have this asymmetrical design and it definitely edgy and different. There are four styles of the asymmetrical skort that I really love and have been the most popular in street style. Let me enlighten you on the latest and hottest new piece in town.

Score the Skort_Classic White

This is by far the most popular of the asymmetrical skorts. It’s classic, crisp, and clean. Perfectly feminine and easily dressed up or dressed down, this skort is a hit and is definitely a popular alternative to the everyday skirt. Simply put, this classic white beauty can be styled with almost anything and for several occasions.

Score the Skort_Floral

I am a sucker for anything floral, and these floral skirts, to me, are so unique. They’re fresh and a perfect way to add a little something special to your outfit this summer. With a white blouse and dainty flats or sandals, this skort is perfect for a lunch with friends or a walk in the park. The floral pattern makes this skort ultra feminine, but when combined with the sharp asymmetrical design, the skort becomes a bit edgier and less frilly. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Score the Skort_Colorblock

Colorblocking is really appealing to me because it’s actually really slimming. This particular skort from Nasty Gal is gorgeous with the black faux leather strip around the waistband adding a bit of edge to this crisp classic skort. The black band will slim your waist and the navy material compliments it beautifully. This is another piece that can be dressed up or down easily.

Score the Skort_Shockwave Bright

The final skort of the four is the Shockwave Bright styled skort. This is a bold choice and is perfect for the summertime. The brighter skorts like this one from Newlook (which would look killer with a loose white cami) are typically of a simpler design because they’re so bright and speak for themselves. A little tip if you want to pull off a bold skort like this: let the skort be the statement piece of your outfit. Wear it with a top that compliments the skort’s color, but it slightly more muted so that you don’t look like a rainbow highlighter with legs. (:


Which of these skorts is your favorite? Would you dare to wear a skort out and about? Do you like highlighters? Let me know your answers to these questions and more in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe and like this post if you like what you read here on my blog. (:


Stay Fab,

Kay B xx

P.S- Check out Zara’s Mini Skort Collection to score this trending piece. They’re still selling, so pick one (or more) up while you can! (:


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