Top 12 Summer Sunglasses to Love

Hey, everybody! I hope you’re all having a fantabulous summer so far. (:

During the summer, I’m usually out and about more often during the day; whether I’m running errands, spending times with friends and family, or even working out, there is one accessory that I always have with me- sunglasses.

Yes, my essential sunnies are constantly with me in my always sunny town. There are some styles, though, that I definitely have been loving this summer, and they will absolutely make you stand out in a crowd of every day wayfarer-wearers (try saying that five times!). Check out my favorite styles below: Cat Eye, Round, and Edgy Rounded Cat Eye (I gave that name because it’s more fun.)

~Click the first image below to view a slideshow of  the collection of my top 12 Summer Sunnies to Love This Season!!~

Comment down below which of these sunnies was your favorite! You can also tweet me a picture (@studdedcollar) of your own favorite pair of sunglasses or any that you buy this summer. You can also tag me in your pictures on Instagram! (@studdedcollar). Stay tuned for more from me, but in the mean time, friends…

Stay Fab,

Kay B xx.


2 thoughts on “Top 12 Summer Sunglasses to Love

  1. I loved the whole selection of sunnies!;) They will definitely make you stand out in a crowd! I love your work so don’t quit blogging for us fans out here!XD

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