Trend Report: Hot Swimsuits of the Season

Hey lovelies! I’ve got another Trend Report for you. (:

As July, the peak of the summer, will be upon us in the next 2 days, I feel that it’s appropriate for me to share with you the three  swim suits that are as hot as the sun this season. You’ll definitely want to be sporting one of these instead of last seasons bow-and-knot laden bandeaus (:

Trend Report_Hot Swimsuits of the Season

Yes… I had to include the yellow polka dot bikini song. It was too good to pass up. (: Let’s get started!

From left to right: Santa Rosa Splash ($79), Milly in Candy Pink ($89), Winnie in Arizona Sunset ($89)

From left to right: Santa Rosa Splash ($79), Milly in Candy Pink ($89), Winnie in Arizona Sunset ($89)

The Triangl Swimwear line was released in 2012. Only this summer did it start to gain more popularity among teens like me, and these suits have been all the rage. Not only do they come in several gorgeous, edgy, and flattering designs, but also the material is of amazing quality. Trust me when I say that your $80 to $90 are going into a durable, high-quality suit. They’re made of  a material called Neoprene which is more stretch resistant and is firmer, so it shapes your body really nicely. It definitely will feel different from typical swim suits, but it’s so comfortable; perfect for a beach day!

Trend Report_Midkini

From Left to Right: Nautical Neon Midkini (Delias, $50), Daisy Stripe Dot Swim Midkini (Delias, $50), Xhilaration Midkini- Geometric Print (Target, $33)

This is probably one of my favorite swimsuit styles because it offers more coverage while looking tres chic, non? I really like the design of this suit; it’s like the the crop top version of a tankini! It’s incredibly flattering and comes in so many different colors and patterns. It’s much more interesting and creative than you’re every day bandeau or triangle shaped bikini.

Trend Report_OnePiece

Suboo Floral Print Bustier One Piece Swimsuit (Intermix, $159), Jets Whimsical Bandeau One Piece (My Wardrobe, $241) Zinke Starboard Swimsuit (Anthropologie, $132)

Finally, the ever classic one piece. This style has never gone out of style, but I feel like some teen girls (my peers included) feel like the “unitard” swim suit is a bit too conservative to be cool. Being a girl who believes that fashion is about taking risks and daring to be different, I set out to find three ultra cute one piece swim suits that would make any girl of any age “just have to have it!” The suits pictured above are so modern and trendy, and I want all of them!

One pieces are not only a bit more conservative, but they are also flattering for practically any body type. And, ladies, they can be fun without looking like you’re on the Olympic swim team or hiding your body. You’ve got to admit that these suits above are pretty darn cute! Add to cart, please!


Perfect Day by Jan Matson

Perfect Day by Jan Matson

There you have it! These three swimsuit styles are the hot trends for swimwear this season. Let me know which one of these is your favorite and remember to rock your swimsuits with confidence this season! You’re all beautiful!!! (Don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Stay Fab,

Kay B xx


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