June Lovelies

Happy July everyone! This summer is just speeding past, but I’m so excited for what July will hold.

It’s that time again- time for me to share my monthly lovelies with you all! In June, I kept it pretty simple with the favorites. I was so busy during the month, but I managed to pick out some items that I’ve been loving and want to share with you. (:

June Faves Cover

Coach Wristlet

June Faves1

So, I have been loving this Coach wristlet recently and I use practically every day, I kid you not. It was actually my first Coach item courtesy of my best friend as a birthday present (Thanks KT <3) . Because of its neutral black undertone I can wear this with practically any outfit. Little secret: I really like plaid prints, but I’m highly selective about how they’re styled, so I’m super happy with this accessory. (:

June Faves2

Cute little side note: My friend gave me this wallet with a “lucky penny” in it because she believes it’s good luck. I think she said her grandma did that for her, so she would do it for me too. I thought that was so cute, so I’ve kept the same penny in there and thought I’d show you! (:


June Faves3 June Faves5

These Forever 21 shades have been my go-to glasses almost all summer and I just love how simple and cool they look (and make me feel (: ). When I’m buying anything, I look for versatility in the product, so I really like that these shades can go with almost any outfit I have.


June Faves6 June Faves7

Another one of my best friends got this bracelet as a birthday gift for me from Nordstrom, and I just tend to wear it daily. I love the color, the woven detailing, and the encrusted gold center; everything about it is simple and captivating. It’s definitely one of my favorite go-to jewelry pieces!

June Faves8This piece from Apricot Lane was a Christmas gift from my best friend (the one who gave me the Coach wristlet. She has my style down to a tee!) Just like the other bracelet, I wear this almost everyday and I just love the color scheme and intricate, beautiful beading. I have been seeing this bracelets more and more where I live and I’ve been loving the local trend.

Rare Gold Perfume

June Faves10 June Faves9

My mom bought me this sample of the perfume Rare Gold, and I absolutely love it, especially since it reminds me of rose gold for some reason. It may just be me, but if I had to relate rose gold to a smell, is would be soft, sweet, and vibrant which is exactly how I would describe the scent of this perfume! I know for sure that when I run out of this perfume I’ll be purchasing the full size.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Shop Set

June Faves11

I’m sensing an unintentional theme of gifts here, but this set was another birthday gift that I recently brought out to use (finally!) two weeks ago. This is the Sweet Shop bathroom set from Bath and Body Works, and let me just say that this is most amazing set I’ve ever used from them! Not only does it smell amazingly yummy, but the hand soaps (the second one isn’t pictured) and hand lotion are so moisturizing and the packaging is adorable!! It came with two hand soaps, a hand lotion and the hand sanitizer. It’s almost as if each time I use one of the products, I get a whiff of heaven. Is it weird that this has made me super excited to wash my hands now?

June Faves12

Hand Soap…

June Faves13

Hand lotion…

June Faves14

Hand Sanitizer!

Cherry Red Beijo Crossbody Purse

June Faves15Alright, I had to include this purse in my June favorites because I wore it for the last time in June. I’ve had this red Beijo crossbody purse forever, and it has finally run its course. It’s just the perfect size to fit everything I need! One of the coolest parts was that the long strap was detachable. Regardless of it being bright red, this was by daily purse and I wore it with almost everything (my biggest and ONLY willingly-made fashion faux-pas…). This purse and I have been through a whole lot together (yes, I am getting sentimental and mushy over this purse.) and each mark, scratch and bruise has a story. But, it’s time for me to let go and find a new cross “buddy” (get it? like crossbody?). R.I.P Cherry Red Beijo CrossBuddy.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish Line

June Faves16

I featured three of these polishes in my last post, Nailing Summer Manis & Nail Art Inspo, and I shared a bit about how much I love these polishes! I’ve had others from this line before, and each one I used provided a great result. The nail polishes in this line live up to their name and last for a good 1.5 to 2 weeks. I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a new brand or any polish at all!June Faves17

Lacey Lilac, #270June Faves18

Breezy Blue, #481June Faves19

Coral Reef, #405June Faves20

Strobe Light, #200 (This is what is on my ring finger in the picture!)

These are all my monthly lovelies for June! I hope you enjoyed them and will definitely check out some of these products for yourself! I’ll post another list at the end of July, but subscribe and keep checking in for more from me on TSC! (Unintentional rhyme, but let’s roll with it.)

Stay Fab,

Kay B xx


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