Trend Report: Normcore Makes Eyes Sore

Hey, friends! I hope you’re all doing well today and enjoying your summer so far. It’s crazy how fast the time flies by! Please forgive the uncreative title, but if you know anything about the latest fad, Normcore, then you know that an uncreative title may be appropriate. A while back, I received a question from a reader, and I thought I would tie it into a trend report…

“What do you think of the style trend “normcore“? Thanks!” – Eliza

Wow, where to begin… First, let me introduce “normcore” to those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about. Normcore

This… This is Normcore. Defined as “Anti-Style”

My goal is never to offend anyone, and I keep my life, my self, and my blog very positive. But this is not appealing to me. Basically, Normcore is a style rebellion against high fashion brands and is dawned by people who are tired of trying to be different, so they try to blend in.

Newsflash- it’s not working.

To me, Normcore is an excuse not to try. If it really is your style, then fine, you rock that, good for you. But in my opinion, it looks sloppy, not put together, and effortless. Not the good effortless, but the bad effortless- like you put no effort into how you look.

My dear, dear readers, Normcore is not a style. It’s a big, fat misunderstanding! People began gravitating towards this “Normcore” because they were tired of trying to conform to the rapid fashion world where everyone is “trying to fit in and become a cookie-cutter drone” or “trying so hard to be different that they lose themselves.”

Let’s get something straight here.

normcore 2

Fashion is a very vast, artful, and intricate concept. So intricate, that it’s almost simple. The fashion world, like any world, has guidelines. I don’t use the word rules because that makes it seem like you must follow a strict set of laws. These guidelines are made to inspire, not change us. No one is trying to be cookie cutters, rather we are trying to find our own style and, in the process, we may draw from other styles. Guess what- that’s totally okay!

On the other hand, it’s impossible not to be different. There are similarities, groups, and even people who may look the same at times, but we are never that way for long. Because no two people can be the exact same! Go ahead and find your own style; whether it’s specific or you prefer not to define it is up to you, and that’s okay! But please, please, please remember that there is a difference between looking laidback and styling yourself efforlessly and looking not-put-together and sloppy.

So, I’m not a fan of Normcore AT ALL, and I did my very best not to bash it too hard, but remember that fashion is about staying true to yourself, not trying hard to be different. You don’t wake up everyday and think, “I’m going to try and be myself today.” do you? NO! Just be, and your style will shine through.

Don’t forget to submit your questions to me through Twitter (@studdedcollar) or email me (! I love hearing from you guys and answering your questions.

Stay Fab, Kay B xx


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