About Me

Hey friends! I’m Kay B, a 18-year-old girl with a love for fashion, beauty, writing, Starbucks, and constantly restocking my closet.

I live in the U.S but am originally from the UK. I lived in England for a while until I moved out here to the States as a young child. Because of my mixed culture, I know a lot about both American and European style, and love to see how I can infuse the two. I and am currently a Senior and am loving my high school adventure, making every moment as memorable and chic as possible. I’ve always loved fashion and began designing “fashion lines” in my sketchbooks at the age of 10.  When I was little, I dabbled in modeling and acting and have maintained an interest in acting ever since, and have also developed a high interest in journalism. I have always admired all art forms, especially the art that is fashion.

As a teenage girl,  getting the perfect look together and developing your own style can be a challenge. Never fear, I am here as your new friend to share my passion and guidance with you. From now on, call me your fashion guru as I guide you lovelies through the style world while you join my own fashion voyage.

I made this blog so you can follow me on my style journey, the adventures through my life, and get inspiration, tips, and the latest on what’s trending right now. I also want to inspire the fashion goddess within you. Always remember that confidence and a smile are your best accessories. (: Check in for the latest from yours truly!

Stay Fab xx,

Kay B


Follow me on my Social Media (For updates, Chat With Kay B, contests, and more!)

Twitter: @studdedcollar

Instagram: @studdedcollar

Facebook page: The Studded Collar

Tumblr: The-Studded-Collar

Polyvore: @thestuddedcollar

If you have any questions, want to see your question answered in my “Chat With Kay B” section, or just want to say hello, then feel free to email me at:


Please send all business inquiries to thestuddedcollar@gmail.com


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