Kicking it at Kick Pleat

Bonjour, mes amies! Kay B here with another article for you all. I hope you all are feeling more rested than I am at the start of the new week- I feel like I have been on the run every day since last week, and this weekend was no different.

On the bright side, I was kept busy with lots of fun and exciting activities- one of them being going to Kick Pleat in Austin to interview designer Miranda Bennett!

Photography by Angelica C.

We had a great chat together, and you can read all about that interview here.

For those of you who are don’t know, Kick Pleat is a women’s clothing, shoes and accessories store with an airy aesthetic and clean design that will transport you to the finest of high-fashion dreams.

The exterior and interior design of the store speak to the vibe of the clothes and accessories that grace the racks and shelves of Kick Pleat. A woman will walk in through their doors and immediately feel empowered to breathe life into her unique persona through the many ensembles and pieces that Kick Pleat has to offer. I had so much fun looking around and venturing through the shop.

Each section of the store has its own voice and speaks to each customer uniquely and individually. Just as every woman has her individuality, you won’t find anything like what you will discover within the white mod walls of Kick Pleat.

My favorite parts of the store were the dressing room and the shoe stadium, by far. Can we just talk about this stadium for a minute? Goals, without a doubt.

Of course, I want to share my outfit with you all from my Kick Pleat visit. It was a daytime event, so I decided not to dress up too much while keeping it light and classy on sweltering spring day. (Seriously, “spring” in Texas is in the upper 80’s…)

Top: Candie’s | Shorts: H&M | Booties: | Coach | Sunglasses: Aldo | Purse: Mix No. 6

It was such a beautiful day outside, though I’m almost certain that Texas skipped the spring season and went straight for summer. So I wanted to wear light and loose garments while still looking put together. I chose for my makeup look of the day to be a light one as well, in regards to color tones as well as application. The Mac Pro Longwear foundation is my holy grail on beating hot days such as Friday. Let me know if you want to hear more about my makeup and skincare routine!

Can you tell that I was (and still am) obsessed with this shoe stadium? I can’t get over it- and don’t believe I ever will…

My outfit for this  day was pretty neutral in my blouse and booties, so I brought a pop of color to my ensemble with my cinch waist shorts from H&M. I love these because while they are a longer pair of shorts, they’re loose and airy enough to wear on the hottest of day. Not to mention, the cinched waist is not only a beautiful addition of detail, but is also very flattering. When worn with a loose shirt tucked in or even a fitted blouse, it draws attention to your waistline and makes it look smaller in your mid-section

If that doesn’t win you over, then you should know that these shorts have pockets. AND a drawstring bow. You’re welcome.

I had so much fun visiting Kick Pleat, interviewing Miranda Bennett, and shooting for this article. I’m so happy to be back on the blog and can’t wait to share even more with you guys. Look out for some exciting new additions and changes around here soon… I think you guys will like what I have in store for you all. (: Don’t forget to keep up with me on all my socials (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and very soon we’ll be adding YouTube to the mix! Also, big thanks to Angie for the photography- go ahead and check out all of her photography here.

Sending lots of love to you all, and wishing you a wonderful rest of your day or night! Until next time, lovies…

Stay Fab,

Kay B xx


Take Me to The Boardwalk…

Hey, hey, hey, beautiful people! Yes, I am posting yet another throwback Outfit of the Day, but only because this one is incredibly overdue!


Top and Shorts: Forever 21 Belt: Cotton on Shoes: Converse


Yes, I am posting yet another throwback Outfit of the Day, but only because this one is incredibly overdue! My family and I went to a cute sea town for the weekend

Over the summer, my family and I went to a cute sea town for the weekend, and I am incredibly in love with this outfit I wore, as well as the gorgeous town. I love this almost vintage, 80’s vibe that this outfit emits. The converse, the light-wash, distressed high-waisted shorts, and the boxy, striped crop top… it all just added up perfectly and in a modern way. The shorts are a lot looser than they look, so they were super comfortable to walk around in.

*Little tip about crop tops, ladies. They’re cute and I love them, but there is a way to wear them while looking youthful and cute AND classy at the same time! Don’t wear them with low rise bottoms depending on how cropped it is. For a good balance, wear mid to high-rise bottoms. It’s classier and a sliver of skin ((ABOVE THE BELLY BUTTON)) is more appealing than your entire midriff.*


I can’t go without sharing some gorgeous pictures of this gorgeous Seatown!


This restaurant’s walls were entirely built as an aquarium! Tell me that is not the coolest thing ever. (I didn’t order fish because I didn’t want to offend the little fishies… Fish are friends, not food #Nemo.)

That’s all for today’s Studded Collar Saturday, but before I sign off, I have a little announcement.

I must sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the Tootsies post for today! We encountered some little bumps in the road, and so the article will have to be released later this weekend. BUT that just means it’s going to feel more fun and more exciting when it comes out, right!! I can’t wait to share it with you and I thank you and love you all for your undying support.

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